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Your e-learning solution for the Tahitian language. It will allow you, thanks to the different courses offered, to learn the Tahitian language !

E-REO was designed and produced by the Speak Tahiti - Paraparau Tahiti team.


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The e-learning courses offered on E-REO have been created with passion by a dedicated team of experienced Tahitian language trainers.

E-REO is for everyone, lovers of Polynesia who wish to learn the Tahitian language, the natives who wish to reappropriate the Tahitian language and even to other regions of the world with some videos subtitled in English.

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"I took a few classes a long, long time ago, but gave up due to scheduling constraints. The freedom that this type of teaching gives is a real gain, I'll just have to find places to practice."

"This sleek design is very suitable for focusing on the content. This is my first time taking Tahitian classes but I find the concept of a learning platform very modern, allowing accessibility to all and learning at one's own pace."
"It allows me to rediscover my own language and find an alternative way to learn, because classes with a teacher stress me out."

"I wanted to find a learning alternative with an intuitive experience. From the second part on, I really enjoyed it and wanted to continue to find the answers."